City Ordinances



The City of Heber Springs Code of Ordinances is a comprehensive publication that identifies our local laws, procedures, administrative responsibilities, franchise agreements, the duties of all City Boards and Commissions, and much more. Ordinances and amendments are official documents that the City’s legislative body, the City Council, have passed into law and are locally enforced. Local ordinances may not override or usurp state or federal laws. 


  2020 Ordinances 

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   2025 Ordinances


 Highly Requested Ordinances

Ordinance 2010-17 Prohibit the Discharge of Firearms or Weapons within the City Limits of Heber Springs.

Ordinance 2000-7  Establishing a Curfew for Persons Under the Age of Eighteen years in the City of Heber Springs.

Ordinance 2005.5   Amend the Heber Springs Municipal Code, Title Six, Animals and Fowl...

Ordinance 2018-12  Sanitation Ordinance Regarding Commercial and Residential Santitation Operations.

Ordinance 2019-11  Awarding an Exclusive Franchise for the Business of Transporting Persons within the City of Heber Springs by Motor Ambulance for Compensation and for Other Purposes.