Bond Project Updates


April 5th, 2023:

  • Sulphur Creek Trails:

Phase I – Phase I is under construction and all work is complete except for the placement of asphalt.  The contractor is waiting on some dry weather to ensure the quality of the asphalt installation.  He is hoping the weather cooperates by next week. It should only take a couple of weeks once he starts. 

Contractor has been paid $556,806.55 to date and the final total contract amount is expected to be approximately $820,000.

Phase II – Phase II was advertised Sunday, March 26th.  The plans and specs are complete and we will take bids on the project April 19th.  The estimate for the project is approximately $900,000.    The project manager expects the bid to complete the entire trail will be in excess of the funds available, however, they have included several deductive alternates to remove portions as needed to get the project into budget.  Hopefully, they will receive good bids and be able to complete everything. 


  • Stormwater – Main St.:

The stormwater design is almost complete

CWB Engineers has two sections included with the Main St. Stormwater project.  3rd Street will include a box culvert from Sugarloaf St. to Searcy Street.  Also included in this project is ditch improvements from Searcy St. to the ultimate discharge at Broadway and Quitman St.

5th Street will include drainage improvements from Old City Hall across Main St. and down to discharge at Walnut Street.

CWB Engineers has completed several iterations of modeling and calculations for the design.  They are working to complete the last portions of the drawings, details, and specs.  They expect to advertise the project towards the end of April with a bid date of May.  Construction should occur from May/June 2023 to June 2024. CWB will work to minimize impacts during the summer months, if possible.


April 11, 2023:

  • Spring Park- The ribbon curb and cut-off wall for the new turf surface is being formed. Contractor anticipates pouring concrete for those and some of the sidewalks this week. The drainage piping and turf installation will be installed soon after this work is completed. The anticipated completion is the end of May.
  • Sandy Beach- The slab for the building and the wet-well for the sewer have been installed. Block work for the building will begin tomorrow morning. The anticipated completion is the end of May.
  • Community Center Rehab- The scope is set for the project. The construction contract will be considered for approval at the April City Council meeting. Once approved, the project will be submitted to the Arkansas Department of Energy & Environment for funding approval. Project will replace the inoperable dehumidification equipment at the Aquatic Center, which was the original scope of the bond project. We now have an expanded scope, which will replace the dehumidification equipment, update building controls, and replace existing lighting with more efficient lighting. This will considerably reduce O&M costs at the Community Center because of the utility savings, allowing us to fund the project through the Arkansas Department of Energy & Environment. The energy savings are used to pay for the project with no additional revenue required. This allows bond funds to be used to enhance other Parks & Recreation projects and mitigate the impacts of inflation.
  • Splash Pad- Design to begin in May based on a new budget, which was increased as a result of the Community Center Rehab Project.
  • S. 7th Street Drainage- Project is substantially complete. Final clean-up pending.
  • Huntington Place Street Improvements- Project is in construction. Anticipated completion is the end of July.


May 15th 16th, 2023


1. Sulphur Creek Trails – Phase I
a. Contractor has completed all work except the final punchlist items.
b. Contract is expected to be completed at a final cost of approximately $834,000 with an
original bid amount of $1,162,742.45.

2. Sulphur Creek Trails – Phase II
a. Contract was bid on April 19, 2023, and the low bidder was CK Asphalt, LLC of
Quitman, AR. This is the same contractor who completed Phase I Construction.
b. The project is recommended to award with Deductive Alternates #1 and #2, and to
remove the majority of the asphalt paving for this phase to get the project within the
current budgeted amount. The overall trail budget was $1,600,000. There is
approximately $637,500 remaining for the Phase II construction. Project is anticipated to
be awarded by the council for this amount.
c. Corps of Engineers section will be completed in its entirety, including asphalt paving.
d. Portions of the trail from Hollowell Drive to Sugarloaf Mountain will be completed
without asphalt paving, unless additional funding is provided.
e. Anticipated construction timeframe is June 2023 to December 2023.


1. Main St. Improvements
a. Plan and Profile layout is complete.
b. Internal hydraulic modeling efforts are complete. Awaiting H&H modeling from
ARDOT to verify sizing of Main Street crossing. ARDOT is completing the portion
across Main Street at 3rd and 5th Streets, but connection and design must be coordinated.
c. After ARDOT modeling is complete, we will finalize plan and profile crossings along
with inlet structure design.
d. 3rd St. Construction Cost is estimated to be above the original $1.2 budget.
e. 5th St. Estimated Construction Cost is expected to be below the original estimated
$770,000 budget.
f. Anticipated Construction timeframe will be Summer 2023 to Summer 2024.
2. Hwy 25 Improvements @ Trailwood
a. Design of plan/profile is complete.
b. Easements are complete.
c. Will be working with the city to acquire easements for affected landowners.
d. Finalizing details and specifications.
3. Hwy 25 Improvements @ Lohawk
a. Survey is complete and preliminary layout is complete.
b. Waiting to determine construction costs from the other projects. This project will be
completed only if funds are available.


1. Weddingford Sidewalk
a. Plan and Profile is complete.
b. Submitted to ARDOT for review and approval on September 2022 (Still waiting for final
c. Will bid project immediately upon approval from ARDOT.


  • Spring Park- Turf base and drainage currently being installed. Turf should begin being place towards the end of this week or early next week, dress up and fence installation to follow. Park should be usable by Memorial Day Weekend.


  • Sandy Beach- Metal roofing installation, interior stain and paint, outdoor plumbing fixtures and electrical work is being conducted this week. Once painting is completed, plumbing and lighting fixtures and partitions will be installed. Bathroom as expected to be in service by Memorial Day weekend. There may be some punch list items left for them to come back and address such as final dress up and installing the exterior bottle filler.


  • Community Center Rehab- Contracts with Trane have been executed. Financing application has been sent to the Arkansas Energy Office for approval.


  • Splash Pad- Preliminary design is underway. Awaiting budgetary pricing on outdoor pool to make sure we have enough in the budget before proceeding. The pricing for the pool is anticipated to be sent to by Thursday of this week.


  • S. 7th Street Drainage- Project is substantially complete. Final clean-up pending.


  • Huntington Place Street Improvements- Project is in construction. Anticipated completion is the end of July.